History and Irony

Isn’t it kind of ironic that radiation has (supposedly) arrived on US soil from a broken reactor in Japan? Not just any reactor. A reactor designed in America. I suppose that their first time delivery method is better than what ours was.

That said, I think that the design of the reactor must be pretty good to withstand not only a magnitude 9 earthquake but survive (sort of) multiple aftershocks and a tsunami.

It’s too bad that the disaster in Japan will likely kill any future nuclear power plans. Over priced, over-subsidized, big fans and over-subsidized “corn-a-hol” isn’t going to dent the energy needs of this country. Besides that… Energy is not just about lighting a bulb. Petrochemicals rule our lives. From the pixels on our monitor to the plastic in our cars, to the packaging of our food, to the TP we use, we are surrounded by products derived from petrochemicals and we aren’t going to wean off of them anytime soon, if at all.

About Michael Lloyd

I was born in Odessa, Texas and raised everywhere else. I have four grown children and four grandsons and a granddaughter that I love dearly. I love photography. I've been making images since I was 8. I enjoy restoring vintage electronics. I love being around other photographers. I enjoy sharing what little I know about the craft of photography with anyone that is interested. Life is good.
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1 Response to History and Irony

  1. There is definately a great deal to know about this issue.
    I love all the points you’ve made.

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