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I was born in Odessa, Texas and raised everywhere else. I have four grown children and four grandsons and a granddaughter that I love dearly. I love photography. I've been making images since I was 8. I enjoy restoring vintage electronics. I love being around other photographers. I enjoy sharing what little I know about the craft of photography with anyone that is interested. Life is good.


This is Doggie. Her real name was Princess Allie and she belonged to my daughter and my heart. Someone ran over her Friday morning. I was driving back from Ohio (work) when I got the call from my daughter. I … Continue reading

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Raising the bar in your photography by shooting film

Digital photography has not yet reached the point of being able to emulate the feeling of a print created in the wet darkroom. It gets closer every year. But it’s not there yet. There is a big difference between data … Continue reading

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Musings of a would be Zoner

First a little intro. I’m 55 and I’ve been a photographer (I did not say good photographer) since I was about 8 and shooting a Brownie Hawkeye (that I still own). In my 20’s I owned a Yashica FR2. I … Continue reading

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If you wind the historical clock back 20 or 30 years, before high fences and the army of Border Patrol agents and check stations that have sprung up all along the border, you will find the cause of the immigration … Continue reading

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The travel bug is biting hard these days. I have lots of plans and a strong want to find the time that I need to follow through on the plans. I have two “mantras”when it comes to travel. Not so … Continue reading

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Fences and in state tuition

Before I begin, I am not a fan of Governor Perry… nor am I a Perry hater. Some (a few) things about the man I like… some make me cringe (like that he’s a lifer politician). Up until recently I … Continue reading

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Legal and Illegal Immigration

Personally I don’t mind legal immigrants and I kind of understand the mindset of the illegal immigrants. I blame us, the US citizen and the US government, for them wanting to come here. Take a trip to Mexico and see … Continue reading

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Another month is gone

Another month is gone. Time flies when you’re having life. I don’t know if I’m cut out for this blogging stuff. It’s kind of like talking to yourself but someone you don’t know is listening. I guess if I don’t … Continue reading

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I couldn’t tell if it was “really” that much bigger but the full moon sure was easy to photograph last night. Of course Wikipedia has some decent information on the Super moon.

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History and Irony

Isn’t it kind of ironic that radiation has (supposedly) arrived on US soil from a broken reactor in Japan? Not just any reactor. A reactor designed in America. I suppose that their first time delivery method is better than what … Continue reading

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