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This is Doggie. Her real name was Princess Allie and she belonged to my daughter and my heart. Someone ran over her Friday morning. I was driving back from Ohio (work) when I got the call from my daughter. I … Continue reading

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If you wind the historical clock back 20 or 30 years, before high fences and the army of Border Patrol agents and check stations that have sprung up all along the border, you will find the cause of the immigration … Continue reading

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The travel bug is biting hard these days. I have lots of plans and a strong want to find the time that I need to follow through on the plans. I have two “mantras”when it comes to travel. Not so … Continue reading

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Fences and in state tuition

Before I begin, I am not a fan of Governor Perry… nor am I a Perry hater. Some (a few) things about the man I like… some make me cringe (like that he’s a lifer politician). Up until recently I … Continue reading

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